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Product Hierarchy

Ceiling - Ceiling Zone Enclosures

Ceiling Zone Enclosures


Product Overview: Ceiling-or floor-based zone connectivity replaces traditional homeruns to telecom rooms. Feeder category cables or pre-terminated cables are directed to a central distribution point in the zone where they interconnect to individual cable runs that fan out to each workstation outlet.
Benefits: 2' x 2' / 2' x 4'
Removable Door
Zone connectivity provides a way to keep most cabling permanent and undisturbed while making moves, adds and changes (MAC's) easier
Features: UL 50/UL 1863/ UL 2043
Prevents fire spread with fire-rated foam sealing kits
Supports simple front or back routing with edge-protected cable entry ports
Enclosures can support up to 70 lbs. including door load
Door will support 20 lb.
Plenum rated
Environmental Space: Indoor

Environmental and Overall Characteristics

Color: White

Part Number

Packaging: Individually Boxed
Part #WidthDepth
XCAE244812-S018U Active Ceiling Enclosures w/NEMA Box-Access PortsActive
XCPE242412-S02Cable Consolidation Ceiling Enclosure for Wiring BlocksPassive
XCPE244812-S014U Passive Ceiling Enclosure, 4 Access PortsPassive
XCPE244812-S028U Passive Ceiling Enclosure, 4 Access PortsPassive
XCAE242412-S017U Active Ceiling Enclosures w/NEMA Box-Access PortsActive
XCPE242412-S015U Passive Ceiling Enclosure with Equipment BracketPassive
Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.45 Revision Date: 08-17-2020
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