Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802 - Mini Power Double-Ended Cordset: 7/8" male straight to 7/8" female straight, 3-pin(2+PE), black body, 600 V, 18 A; TPE black cable, 14 AWG

Mini Power Double-Ended Cordset: 7/8" male straight to 7/8" female straight, 3-pin(2+PE), black body, 600 V, 18 A; TPE black cable, 14 AWG

Product Description

Product Family: Power Connector
Brand: Lumberg Automation
Connector Type: Cordset, double ended
Shielding: Unshielded
Rated Voltage (UL): 600 V
Rated Current (UL)*: 18 A

Technical Data Side 1

Product Sub Family: 7/8"
Type of Contact / Gender: male
Connector Design: straight
Attachment Type: Coupling Nut
Number of Pins: 3(2+PE)
Ambient Temperature (Operation)*: -30 °C to +90 °C
Protection Degree / IP Rating**: IP 67, IP 68
Contact Base Material: CuSn
Contact Plating: Ni/Au
Contact Bearer Material: PVC
Contact Bearer Color: black
Molded Body Material: PVC
Molded Body Color: black
Attachment Material: CuZn

Cable Data

Cable Number: 802
Conductor Size: 14 AWG
Number of Wires: 3
Cable Jacket Material: TPE
Cable Jacket Color: black
Cable Diameter D: ø 0.359"
Wire Insulation Material: PVC/NYLON
Ambient Temperature (Fixed Installation): -30 °C to +90 °
Flammability Class (Cable Jacket): FT-4

Technical Data Side 2

Product Sub Family, Side 2: 7/8"
Type of Contact / Gender, Side 2: female
Connector Design, Side 2: straight
Attachment Type, Side 2: Coupling Screw
Number of Pins, Side 2: 3(2+PE)
Ambient Temperature (Operation), Side 2*: -30 °C to +90 °C
Protection Degree / IP Rating, Side 2**: IP 67, IP 68
Contact Base Material, Side 2: CuSn
Contact Plating, Side 2: Ni/Au
Contact Bearer Material, Side 2: PVC
Contact Bearer Color, Side 2: black
Molded Body Material, Side 2: PVC
Molded Body Color, Side 2: black
Attachment Material, Side 2: CuZn


UL-File: E482233

Safety & Environmental Compliance

RoHS Compliant: Yes


Oil Resistance: Oil Res I/II
UV Resistance: Sunlight Res


Protection Degree / IP Rating Note: ** only if mounted and locked in combination with Hirschmann / Lumberg Automation connector.
Item #Item DescriptionCable Length
511000580RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/0.5M0.5 m
511000581RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/1M1 m
511000582RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/1.5M1.5 m
511000583RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/2M2 m
511000584RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/2.5M2.5 m
511000585RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/3M3 m
511000586RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/4M4 m
511000587RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/5M5 m
511000588RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/6M6 m
511000589RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/8M8 m
511000590RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/10M10 m
511000591RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/12M12 m
511000592RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/14M14 m
511000593RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/15M15 m
511000594RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/18M18 m
511000595RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/20M20 m
511000596RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/22M22 m
511000597RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/25M25 m
511000598RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/30M30 m
511000599RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/35M35 m
511000600RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/40M40 m
511000601RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/45M45 m
511000602RSPA 3-RKPA 3-802/50M50 m
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