Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

RKWT/LED A 4-3-224 - M12 Standard Sensor/Actuator Single-Ended Cordset: Female, angled, 4-pin, A-coded, translucent body, 10-30 V DC, 4 A, with 2xLEDs (PNP); PUR black cable, 3-wires, 0.34 mm²

M12 Standard Sensor/Actuator Single-Ended Cordset: Female, angled, 4-pin, A-coded, translucent body, 10-30 V DC, 4 A, with 2xLEDs (PNP); PUR black cable, 3-wires, 0.34 mm²

Face View
Pin 1Pin 2Pin 3Pin 4

Technical Data

Product Family: Sensor / Actuator Connectors
Product Sub Family: M12 Standard
Brand: Lumberg Automation
Connector Type: Cordset, single ended
Type of Contact / Gender: Female
Connector Design: Angled
Number of Pins: 4
Coding: A
Shielding: Unshielded
Attachment Type: Coupling Nut
Rated Voltage: 30 V
Rated Voltage (UL): 10-30 V DC
Rated Impulse Voltage: 0.8 kV
Operating Voltage: 10-30 V DC
Rated Current*: 4 A
Rated Current (UL)*: 4 A
Contact Resistance: ≤ 10 mOhm
Insulation Resistance: ˃ 10^9 Ohm
Mating Cycles: ≤ 100
Ambient Temperature (Operation)*: - 40 °C - + 90 °C
Operating Temperature (UL): max. + 50 °C
Protection Degree / IP Rating**: IP65, IP67, IP68 (1 m / 24 h), IP69K
Design Standard: IEC 61076-2-101
Pollution Degree: 3 acc. to DIN EN 60664-1 (VDE 0110-1)
Overvoltage Category: III acc. to DIN EN 60664-1 (VDE 0110-1)


Contact Base Material: CuSn
Contact Plating: Cu/Au
Contact Bearer Material: TPU
Contact Bearer Color: Orange
Flammability Class (Contact Bearer): UL 94 HB
Molded Body Material: TPU
Molded Body Color: Translucent
Flammability Class (Molded Body): UL 94 HB
Attachment Material: CuZn
Attachment Plating: Nickel-plated
O-Ring Material: FKM, green

Protection Circuitry

Function Indicator: 2xLEDs (PNP)

Additional Technical Data

Fastening Torque (Attachment): M 12x1: (50-60) Ncm, hand-tight

Cable Data

Cable Number: 224
Conductor Size: 0.34 mm²
Number of Wires: 3
Minimal Bending Radius (Fixed Inst): ˃ 5 x D
Minimal Bending Radius (Flexible Inst): ˃ 10 x D
Cycles (Bending): ˃ 5 M
Cycles (Torsion): ˃ 5 M @ ± 360 °/1 m
Conductor material: Cu
Cable Jacket Material: PUR
Cable Jacket Color: black matt similarly RAL 9005
Cable Diameter D: ø 4.30 ± 0.20 mm
Wire Insulation Material: PP
Insulated Wire Diameter: ø 1.30 ± 0.10 mm
Ambient Temperature (Fixed Installation): - 50 °C - + 80 °C
Ambient Temperature (Flex Installation): - 25 °C - + 80 °C
Ambient Temperature (Drag Chain Inst): - 25 °C - + 60 °C
UL Cable Type: AWM: 20549
Flammability Class (Cable Jacket): DIN EN 50265-2-2, VDE 0482-265-2-2, IEC 60332-2-2, CSA FT2
Cable Characteristics: Good microbes and hydrolysis resistance; Mainly plasticizer diffusion free; Exclusion of PVC and silicone; Free of lacquer wetting disturbing substances; Coldness Flexibilty


UL-File: E315587
UL: UL 2238; cURus

Safety & Environmental Compliance

RoHS Compliant: yes


Halogenfree: DIN EN 50267-2-1, IEC 60754-1, VDE 0482-267-2-1
Oil Resistance: Good chemical and oil resistance


Note Derating: Notice derating
Protection Degree / IP Rating Note: ** only if mounted and locked in combination with Hirschmann / Lumberg Automation connector.
Note: Do not connect or disconnect under load.
Item #Item DescriptionCable Length
105227RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/0,6 M0.6 m
46273RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/1 M1 m
11477RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/2 M2 m
43393RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/3 M3 m
11478RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/5 M5 m
43965RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/8 M8 m
11475RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/10 M10 m
11476RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/15 M15 m
42176RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/20 M20 m
44364RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/25 M25 m
54564RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/30 M30 m
109763RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/35 M35 m
14904RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/40 M40 m
18339RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/42 M42 m
14905RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/45 M45 m
109764RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/50 M50 m
14906RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/55 M55 m
18340RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/57 M57 m
14907RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/60 M60 m
14908RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/70 M70 m
14909RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/80 M80 m
14667RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/100 M100 m
18338RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/125 M125 m
16863RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/150 M150 m
17583RKWT/LED A 4-3-224/180 M180 m
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