Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

REVConnect WM Kit Couplers 96P - REVConnect Wall-Mount Termination Kit, 96-Port, Couplers

The REVConnect Wall-Mount Termination Kit for Couplers has 96-ports (includes 100 cores)

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: 10GX System

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

Height: 15.281 in
Width: 7.638 in
Depth: 11.120 in
Front Connection: Flush
Packaging: Individually packaged in a cardboard box.
Weight: 7.5 lbs


Fanning StripsLexanBlack

Construction and Dimensions

Max Capacity: 96 Ports (6 REVConnect Connector Module of 16-Port each included)

Electrical Characteristics

Dielectric Strength: 1,000 V RMS @ 60 Hz
Current Rating: 1.500 A
Insulation Resistance: 500 M-Ohm Minimum
Termination Resistance: 2.5 m-Ohm

Temperature Range

Installation Temp Range: -10°C To +60°C
Storage Temp Range: -40°C To +70°C

Mechanical Characteristics

Tool Compatibility: REVConnect Termination Tool (p/n RVUTT01)
Connector/Hardware Retention: 20 lbs
Plug/Connector Retention: 11.250 lbs
Termination Interface
FrontMated Connection750 cycles
RearMated Connection20 cycles


UL Rating: UL1863
TIA/EIA Compliance: Category 6A - TIA 568.C.2, Category 6A - ISO/IEC 11801:2002 Ed.2
IEEE Compliance: Power Over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3at type 1 and 2 (up to 30W), IEEE802.3bt/D1.7 type 3 and 4 (up to 100W), CISCO UPOE (up to 60W), Power over HDBaseTTM (up to 100W)
Other Compliance: IEC 60603-7, FCC PART 68-F

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

Environmental Space: Indoor
EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS): Yes

Flammability, LS0H, Toxicity Testing

Safety Listing: c(UL)us Listed


Mated Connection
Frequency (MHz)Max. Insertion Loss TIA* (dB)Max. Insertion Loss Belden** (dB)Min. NEXT TIA* (dB)Min. NEXT Belden** (dB)Min. FEXT TIA* (dB)Min. FEXT Belden** (dB)Min. Return Loss TIA* (dB)Min. PSANEXT TIA* (dB)Min. PSANEXT Belden** (dB)Min. PSAACRF TIA* (dB)Min. PSAACRF Belden** (dB)Min. Balanced TCL TIA* (dB)Min. Balanced TCL Belden** (dB)
1.000.100 dB.050 dB75.000 dB77.000 dB75.000 dB80.000 dB30.000 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB40.000 dB45.000 dB
4.000.100 dB.050 dB75.000 dB77.000 dB71.100 dB75.100 dB30.000 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB40.000 dB45.000 dB
8.000.100 dB.050 dB75.000 dB77.000 dB65.000 dB69.000 dB30.000 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB40.000 dB45.000 dB
10.000.100 dB.050 dB74.000 dB77.000 dB63.100 dB67.100 dB30.000 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB40.000 dB45.000 dB
16.000.100 dB.060 dB69.900 dB72.900 dB59.000 dB63.300 dB30.000 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB40.000 dB45.000 dB
20.000.100 dB.070 dB68.000 dB71.000 dB57.100 dB61.100 dB30.000 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB40.000 dB45.000 dB
25.000.100 dB.080 dB66.000 dB69.000 dB55.100 dB59.100 dB30.000 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB40.000 dB45.000 dB
31.250.110 dB.090 dB64.100 dB67.100 dB53.200 dB57.200 dB30.000 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB38.100 dB45.000 dB
62.500.160 dB.140 dB58.100 dB61.100 dB47.200 dB51.200 dB30.000 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB32.100 dB39.100 dB
100.000.200 dB.180 dB54.000 dB57.000 dB43.100 dB47.100 dB28.00 dB70.500 dB72.000 dB67.000 dB72.000 dB28.000 dB35.000 dB
200.000.280 dB.260 dB48.000 dB51.000 dB37.100 dB41.100 dB22.000 dB64.500 dB66.00 dB61.000 dB66.000 dB22.000 dB29.000 dB
250.000.320 dB.300 dB46.000 dB49.000 dB35.100 dB39.100 dB20.000 dB62.500 dB64.00 dB59.000 dB64.000 dB20.000 dB27.000 dB
300.000.350 dB.330 dB42.900 dB46.700 dB33.600 dB37.600 dB18.500 dB61.000 dB62.500 dB57.500 dB62.500 dB18.500 dB25.500 dB
400.000.400 dB.380 dB37.900 dB42.900 dB31.100 dB35.100 dB16.000 dB58.500 dB60.000 dB55.000 dB60.000 dB16.000 dB23.000 dB
500.000.450 dB.430 dB34.000 dB40.000 dB29.100 dB33.100 dB14.000 dB56.500 dB58.000 dB53.000 dB58.000 dB14.000 dB21.000 dB
625.000.480 dB37.100 dB31.200 dB56.100 dB56.100 dB19.100 dB
Mated Connection Footnote1: * TIA/EIA-568-C.2 Category 6A Standard.
Mated Connection Footnote2: ** Worst-case performance for a 10GX mated connection using REVConnect Cores.

Part Number

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Item #ColorUPC

Product Notes

Included Parts: 6 RevConnect Wall Termination Kit, Couplers, 96-ports; 100 cores; 2 Wood Screws; 6 Velcro cable tie; 1 installation guide
Notes: Refer to Installation Guide PX106708 (English) or visit our web site at


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