Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

PROVIZE Planner- Essentials - Intent-Based Network Planning and Configuration

PROVIZE Planner Essentials enables additional features compared to Free. These include the configuration of redundancies (MRP), basic number of subnets, including VLAN and IPv4 configurations as well as a limited number of CLI template and template stacks creation.

Product description

Part Number: 942338001
License: Paid Version

Diagnostics features

Modules and components: Intent-based network planning and configuration through automatic translation of user intents and configurations with an advanced feature set


Operating system: Windows 10 (64-Bit) Windows 11 (64-Bit)
Browser: Windows Application


Processor: x86 compatible 64 bit CPU with 4 cores
Hard disk space: 1GB free
RAM: 17 GB
Network: Ethernet network with TCP/IP protocol stack. Supports IPv4 and IPv6.

Language Support

Menus and dialogs: English, German

Scope of delivery and accessories

Scope of delivery: Software download + Access to functionality under licensing model. License can be purchased via partner.

Further Instructions


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.11 Revision Date: 06-13-2024
Description: ProvizeSuite v01.8.00 windows
Provize Classic Webview 01.0.00 Windows
Description: Classic Switch web interface viewer module for Provize Suite Windows installations.
No accessories are available for this product