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GBDG108 - Outdoor Loose Tube Corrugated Steel Tape armour 08 Fibers OM1

Outdoor Dry Core Corrugated Steel Tape Armour Double Jacket Multi Loose Tube Optical Cable 08 x 62.5/125-OM1 A-DQ(ZN)2Y(SR)2Y

Product Overview

Construction Type: Multi Loose Tube
Environmental Space: Outdoor
Suitable Applications: For outdoor use in structured (data) wiring systems such as campus backbone. For outdoor use in networks for telecom, cable TV and/or broadcast. Easy to install in ducts, tunnels and trenches and/or tubes.


Fiber Cable Construction
Fiber TypeFiber CountSubunit ColorSubunit Color 2
OM18TIA coding (Gxxxxxx.T): Blue, OrangeEurope coding (Gxxxxxx.0): Red, Green
Fiber Type: OM1
Fiber Count: 8
Fiber Color Coding: TIA coding (Gxxxxxx.T): Blue, Orange, Green, Brown
Fiber Color Coding 2: Europe coding (Gxxxxxx.0): Red, Natural, Yellow, Blue
Buffer Specification
Fiber Type
Central Strength Member: GRP
Cable Core Water Blocking: Waterblocking Aramid Yarns + Tape
Bulk Cable Weight: 154 kg/km

SubUnit Specifications

Number of Active Subunits: 2
Number of Subunit Positions: 6
Fibers Per Subunit: 4
SubUnit Diameter: 0.075 in (1.9 mm)
SubUnit Waterblocking: Gel Filled

Jacket Specifications

Number of Jackets: Double Jacket
Type of Armor: Non-Armored
Nominal Diameter@InnerJacket1: 12.9 mm
Material@InnerJacket1: PE - Polyethylene
Outer Jacket Material
MaterialColorNominal DiameterRipcord
PE - PolyethyleneBlack13.2 mm1

Optical Characteristics

Fiber Core Diameter: 62.5 µm
Max Attenuation at 1300 nm: 1.2 dB/km
Max Attenuation at 850 nm: 3.4 dB/km

Mechanical Characteristics

Min Bend Radius During Installation: 264 mm
Min Bend Radius During Operation: 264 mm
Max Tensile Strength During Installation: 1750 N (393 lbf)
Max Tensile Strength During Operation: 580 N (130 lbf)

Temperature Range

Operating Temp Range: -30 °C to +70 °C
Installation Temp Range: -5 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temp Range: -30 °C to +70 °C

Tensile Strength

Max Tensile Strength During Inst - Test Standard: IEC 60794-1-21-E1
Max Tensile Strength During Operation - Test Standard: IEC 60794-1-21-E1


UL Rating/Flame Test: Non-UL Rated
REACH: Compliant
ISO/IEC Compliance: IEC 60794
EU Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS II): Compliant
UV/ Sunlight Protection: yes


Item #ColorLength
GBDG108.002100Black2,100 m
GBDG108.004100Black4,100 m
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