Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

FX UHD Cassette OM4 06P Splice - FX UHD Splice Cassette OM4 6 Ports

FX UHD Splice Cassette OM4 6 Ports. Available in several fiber connector types and adapter colors.

Product Overview

Environmental Space: Indoor
Suitable Applications: FiberExpress Solutions, Backbone, Telecommunications Room, Main Distribution Room, Data Centers


Fiber Cable Construction
Fiber Type
Weight: 0.657 lbs
Height: 1.5 m
Width: 4.5
Length: 6.6 ft

Mechanical Characteristics

Front Connection: Static

Temperature Range

Operating Temp Range: -10 to 60°C
Storage Temp Range: -10 to 75°C

Product Material

Zirconia-CeramicAdapter Sleve MaterialZirconia-Ceramic
Plastic - UL94V-0Front Connector BodyPlastic - UL94V-0Erika Violet
Plastic - UL94V-0Cassette AssemblyPlastic - UL94V-0Black


EU RoHS Compliance Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2006-01-07
MII Order #39 (China RoHS): EUP 50

Additional Notes

Packaging: Individually packaged in a plastic shell, Shipped in cardboard box (14/box)
Related Parts: FX UHD & FXU Patch Panels, FX MPO Trunks


Item #ColorConnector Type
FC4H06SDFSErika VioletSC Duplex
FC4H06LKFSNYErika VioletLC Keyed Yellow
FC4H06LKFSNWErika VioletLC Keyed White
FC4H06LKFSNVErika VioletLC Keyed Violet
FC4H06LKFSNSErika VioletLC Keyed Gray
FC4H06LKFSNRErika VioletLC Keyed Red
FC4H06LKFSNPErika VioletLC Keyed Rose
FC4H06LKFSNOErika VioletLC Keyed Orange
FC4H06LKFSNNErika VioletLC Keyed Black
FC4H06LKFSNMErika VioletLC Keyed Brown
FC4H06LKFSNGErika VioletLC Keyed Green
FC4H06LKFSNBErika VioletLC Keyed Blue
FC4H06LKFSNAErika VioletLC Keyed Aqua
FC4H06LDFSErika VioletLC Duplex
Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.42 Revision Date: 01-31-2020
Date: 2006-01-07
PX106005-Splice Cassette Install Guide.pdf
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