Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

FISR864RY - Indoor OFNR OS2 Flexible Ribbon 864 Fibers 72F Subs

Indoor Riser OS2 Flexible Ribbon 864 Fibers 72F Subunit Yellow Jacket

Part Number: "FISR864RY"
Construction Type: Jacketed Ribbon

Product Overview

Environmental Space: Indoor
Suitable Applications: Indoor


Fiber Cable Construction
Fiber TypeFiber Count
Central Strength Member: GRP
Bulk Cable Weight: 339 lbs/1000ft

SubUnit Specifications

Number of Active Subunits: 12
Number of Subunit Positions: 12
Fibers Per Subunit: 72
SubUnit Diameter: 0.177 in (4.5 mm)

Jacket Specifications

Number of Jackets: Single Jacket
Material: PVC Thermoplastic
Outer Jacket Material
MaterialNominal Diameter
PVC Thermoplastic0.925 in (23.5mm)
Color: Yellow
Nominal Diameter: 0.925 in (23.5mm)

Optical Characteristics

Mode Field Diameter: 9.2
Fiber Core Diameter: 8.2/125μm
Max Attenuation at 1310 nm: 0.4 dB/km
Max Attenuation at 1550 nm: 0.3 dB/km
Wavelength: 1310 nm / 1550 nm
10 Gigabit Ethernet Performance: 10,000 m / -
1 Gigabit Ethernet Performance: 5,000 m / -

Mechanical Characteristics

Mechanical Tests
Cable Min. Bend Radius Installation (Short Term)15x Cable OD
Cable Min. Bend Radius Operation (Long Term)10x Cable OD
Cable Max. Tensile Strength Installation (Short Term)Error
Cable Max. Tensile Strength Operation (Long Term)Error

Temperature Range

Operating Temp Range: 0C to +70C
Installation Temp Range: 0C to +60C
Storage Temp Range: -20C to +70C


UL Rating/Flame Test: OFNR
NEC/(UL) Specification: N/A
Telecommunications Standards: ANIS/ICEA S-83-596, GR-409-CORE
RoHS: Yes


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.6 Revision Date: 01-31-2020
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