Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

FI1B006LBO - Indoor LSZH/Riser OM1 Breakout 6F LSZH 2mm Sub-Units Orange

Indoor OM1 Breakout 6 Fibers LSZH Sub-Units (2.0mm) Orange Jacket

Product Overview

Construction Type: Breakout
Environmental Space: Indoor
Suitable Applications: Indoor


Fiber Cable Construction
Fiber TypeFiber Count
Fiber Color Coding: Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Gray, White
Buffer Specification
Buffer Diameter
900 μm
Bulk Cable Weight: 50 lbs/1000ft

SubUnit Specifications

Fibers Per Subunit: 1
Subunit Diameter: 0.078 in (2.0 mm)

Outer Jacket

Outer Jacket Material
Nominal Diameter
0.36 in (9.1 mm)
Outer Jacket Color: Orange
Outer Jacket Ripcord: 2

Optical Characteristics

Effective Modal Bandwidth (EMB): 220 MHz-km / 500 MHz-km
Fiber Core Diameter: 62.5/125μm
Max Attenuation at 1300 nm: 1.25 dB/km
Max Attenuation at 850 nm: 3.5 dB/km
Wave length: 850 nm / 1300 nm
Ethernet Perform at 10 Gbit@Optical MM1: 33 m / 300 m
Ethernet Perform at 1 Gbit@Optical MM1: 275 m / 550 m
Min Overfilled Launch (OFL) Bandwidth: 200 MHz-km / 500 MHz-km

Mechanical Characteristics

Mechanical Tests
Cable Min. Bend Radius Installation (Short Term)20x Cable OD
Cable Min. Bend Radius Operation (Long Term)10x Cable OD
Cable Max. Tensile Strength Installation (Short Term)105 N (465 lbf)
Cable Max. Tensile Strength Operation (Long Term)52 N (230 lbf)

Temperature Range

Storage Temp Range: -40C to +70C


Flame Rating: LSZH/Riser
NEC/(UL) Specification: OFNR
Telecommunications Standards: ANSI/ICEA S-83-596
RoHS: Yes

Part Number

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