Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy


EZ-MDVO Jacks are available in several colors and wiring schemes.

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: IBDN System 1200, TIA Category 5e, ISO Class D, 1000BASE-T

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

Height: 0.71 in
Width: 0.75 in
Depth: 1.25 in
Wiring Scheme: T568A/B
Packaging: Individually packaged in a plastic bag. Standard pack of 50 units.
Weight: 0.013 lbs


Front ConnectionCopper Alloy with 50 µ inch Gold over NickelLead Frame
Rear ConnectionCopper Alloy with Nickel PlatingIDC
Connector BodyPlastic - UL940V-0

Electrical Characteristics

Dielectric Strength: 1,000 V RMS @ 60 Hz for 1 minute
Current Rating: 1.500 A
Insulation Resistance: 500 M-Ohm Minimum
Max Contact Resistance: 20 mOhm
Termination Resistance: 2.5 mOhm

Temperature Range

Installation Temp Range: -10°C To +60°C
Storage Temp Range: -40°C To +70°C
Operating Temp Range: -10°C To +60°C

Mechanical Characteristics

Footprint/Type: MDVO
Plug /Jack Compatibility: RJ45, RJ11
Termination Front Connection: Mated Connection
Termination Front Connection Durability: 1,000 cycles
Termination Rear Connection: Gas Tight IDC Connection
Termination Rear Connection Durability: 20 terminations
Connector/Hardware Retention: 20 lbs
Plug/Connector Retention: 11.250 lbs
Termination Interface
1,000 cycles
Dimensions (WxHxD)


Data Category: Category 5e
TIA/EIA Compliance: Category 5e - TIA 568.C.2, Category 5 - ISO/IEC 11801:2002 Ed.2
Other Compliance: FCC Part 68, Subpart F, IEC 60603-7

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

Environmental Space: Indoor
EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS): Yes
EU RoHS Compliance Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2006-01-01
MII Order #39 (China RoHS): EUP 50


Suitability - Indoor: Yes

Flammability, LS0H, Toxicity Testing

Safety Listing: ACA, c(UL)us Listed

Part Number

Related Parts: Compatible with Interface and MDVO Style Faceplates, Adapters, Boxes and Patch Panels
Item #ColorPackagingWiring Scheme
AX100172AlmondSingle PackUSOC
AX100578AlmondSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100589AlmondSingle PackUSOC
AX100646AlmondSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100174BlackSingle PackUSOC
AX100580BlackSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100591BlackSingle PackUSOC
AX100648BlackSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100171GraySingle PackUSOC
AX100577GraySingle PackCategory 5E
AX100588GraySingle PackUSOC
AX100645GraySingle PackCategory 5E
AX100179TIA BlueSingle PackUSOC
AX100585TIA BlueSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100596TIA BlueSingle PackUSOC
AX100653TIA BlueSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100181TIA BrownSingle PackUSOC
AX100587TIA BrownSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100598TIA BrownSingle PackUSOC
AX100655TIA BrownSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100178TIA GreenSingle PackUSOC
AX100584TIA GreenSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100595TIA GreenSingle PackUSOC
AX100652TIA GreenSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100175TIA OrangeSingle PackUSOC
AX100581TIA OrangeSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100592TIA OrangeSingle PackUSOC
AX100649TIA OrangeSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100180TIA PurpleSingle PackUSOC
AX100586TIA PurpleSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100597TIA PurpleSingle PackUSOC
AX100654TIA PurpleSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100176TIA RedSingle PackUSOC
AX100582TIA RedSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100593TIA RedSingle PackUSOC
AX100650TIA RedSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100177TIA YellowSingle PackUSOC
AX100583TIA YellowSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100594TIA YellowSingle PackUSOC
AX100651TIA YellowSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100173WhiteSingle PackUSOC
AX100579WhiteSingle PackCategory 5E
AX100590WhiteSingle PackUSOC
AX100647WhiteSingle PackCategory 5E

Product Notes

Included Parts: Center Stuffercap Coded A/B
Notes: Please See Installation Guide PX102753


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.229 Revision Date: 06-24-2020
Date: 2006-01-01
No accessories are available for this product