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Product Hierarchy

Cabinet Series Bottom Cover - XH Cabinet Series Bottom Cover Options

XH Cabinet Series Bottom Cover Options. Bottom cover options are compatible for all XHS/XHSS/XHM/XHMS/XHSN Series Cabinets.


Product Overview: These individual component ordering options are available as an ala carte option for customers that have existing XH Series Belden Cabinets and would like to replace an item, or want to add an additional item. These component selections are not meant to serve as an individual item selection to create a complete cabinet. If you would like to configure a cabinet for a BOM, please go to the cabinet configurator section of the online catalog that is titled "Need a custom configured product?" or do a search in the search bar for the cabinet series you are looking for to see the selection of compatible items available.
Features: Bottom brush panel can be rotated 180 degrees for choice of front or rear brush entry
Environmental Space: Indoor

Environmental and Overall Characteristics

Finish: Medium Texture Powder Coat
Material: Steel

Related Part Numbers

Packaging: If ordered with a cabinet, bottom panel will be installed with brush in the rear. If ordered separately, product will be packaged and shipped.
Cabinet Frame WidthCabinet Frame DepthPanel ColorOrdering Part #Bottom Cable Access
24.0 in30.0 inBlackH2430BCS01Solid - No Openings
24.0 in36.0 inBlackH2436BCS01Solid - No Openings
24.0 in42.0 inBlackH2442BCS01Solid - No Openings
24.0 in48.0 inBlackH2448BCS01Solid - No Openings
24.0 in30.0 inBlackH2430BCWB01Solid with Brush
24.0 in36.0 inBlackH2436BCWB01Solid with Brush
24.0 in42.0 inBlackH2442BCWB01Solid with Brush
24.0 in48.0 inBlackH2448BCWB01Solid with Brush
30.0 in30.0 inBlackH3030BCS01Solid - No Openings
30.0 in36.0 inBlackH3036BCS01Solid - No Openings
30.0 in42.0 inBlackH3042BCS01Solid - No Openings
30.0 in48.0 inBlackH3048BCS01Solid - No Openings
30.0 in30.0 inBlackH3030BCWB01Solid with Brush
30.0 in36.0 inBlackH3036BCWB01Solid with Brush
30.0 in42.0 inBlackH3042BCWB01Solid with Brush
30.0 in48.0 inBlackH3048BCWB01Solid with Brush
40.0 in42.0 inBlackH4042BCS01Solid - No Openings
40.0 in48.0 inBlackH4048BCS01Solid - No Openings
40.0 in42.0 inBlackH4042BCWB01Solid with Brush
40.0 in48.0 inBlackH4048BCWB01Solid with Brush
24.0 in30.0 inWhiteH2430BCS02Solid - No Openings
24.0 in36.0 inWhiteH2436BCS02Solid - No Openings
24.0 in42.0 inWhiteH2442BCS02Solid - No Openings
24.0 in48.0 inWhiteH2448BCS02Solid - No Openings
24.0 in30.0 inWhiteH2430BCWB02Solid with Brush
24.0 in36.0 inWhiteH2436BCWB02Solid with Brush
24.0 in42.0 inWhiteH2442BCWB02Solid with Brush
24.0 in48.0 inWhiteH2448BCWB02Solid with Brush
30.0 in30.0 inWhiteH3030BCS02Solid - No Openings
30.0 in36.0 inWhiteH3036BCS02Solid - No Openings
30.0 in42.0 inWhiteH3042BCS02Solid - No Openings
30.0 in48.0 inWhiteH3048BCS02Solid - No Openings
30.0 in30.0 inWhiteH3030BCWB02Solid with Brush
30.0 in36.0 inWhiteH3036BCWB02Solid with Brush
30.0 in42.0 inWhiteH3042BCWB02Solid with Brush
30.0 in48.0 inWhiteH3048BCWB02Solid with Brush
40.0 in42.0 inWhiteH4042BCS02Solid - No Openings
40.0 in48.0 inWhiteH4048BCS02Solid - No Openings
40.0 in42.0 inWhiteH4042BCWB02Solid with Brush
40.0 in48.0 inWhiteH4048BCWB02Solid with Brush
Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.53 Revision Date: 04-08-2022
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