Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy


CAT6+ Copper Patch Cord, UTP, PVC

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: Horizontal and building cabling. Support current and future Category 6 and 5e applications, such as: 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet), 100 Base-T, 10 Base-T, FDDI, ATM

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

AWGStrandingMaterialNominal DiameterNo. of Pairs
23SolidBC - Bare Copper6.1 mm4
Total Number of Pairs: 4
PE - Polyethylene
Outer Jacket
MaterialNominal Diameter
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride6.1 mm
Wiring Scheme: T568A/B-T568A/B
Packaging: Individually packaged in a clear plastic bag.


Front ConnectionPhosphor Bronze with 50u inch Gold over Nickel PlatingBlades

Construction and Dimensions

Cross Web

Electrical Characteristics

Dielectric Strength: 2.5 kV DC
Current Rating: 1 A
Insulation Resistance: 5000 MOhm*km
Max Contact Resistance: 20 mOhm
Voltage Rating [V]
72 V DC
Performance Footnote1: There is 1dB margin on NEXT and RL guaranteed compared to ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017
Performance Footnote2: The performance data below 4Mhz or above 500Mhz are for information only.

Temperature Range

Installation Temperature Range: 0°C To +50°C
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C

Mechanical Characteristics

Min Bend Radius (Overall Cable): 25 mm
Plug /Jack Compatibility: RJ45
Termination Interface
RJ45Mated Connection750 Cycles


ISO/IEC Compliance: ISO/IEC 11801-1
Data Category: Category 6
TIA/EIA Compliance: ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017; EN 50173-1 Amd 1 Caregory 6; ANSI/TIA/EIA 568 C.2 Category 6

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

Environmental Space: Indoor Rated (Not Riser or Plenum)


Suitability - Indoor: Yes

Related Part Numbers

Related Parts: CAT6+ Modular Jacks, CAT6+ Patch Panels
Item #ColorLength
C699100001MBlack1 m
C699100002MBlack2 m
C699100003MBlack3 m
C699100004MBlack4 m
C699100005MBlack5 m
C699100007MBlack7 m
C699100010MBlack10 m
C699100011MBlack11 m
C6991000D5MBlack0.5 m
C6991000D6MBlack0.6 m
C6991000D9MBlack0.9 m
C6991001D2MBlack1.2 m
C6991001D5MBlack1.5 m
C6991001D8MBlack1.8 m
C6991002D1MBlack2.1 m
C6991002D4MBlack2.4 m
C6991002D7MBlack2.7 m
C6991003D4MBlack3.4 m
C6991003D7MBlack3.7 m
C6991004D3MBlack4.3 m
C6991004D6MBlack4.6 m
C6991004D9MBlack4.9 m
C6991005D2MBlack5.2 m
C6991005D5MBlack5.5 m
C6991005D8MBlack5.8 m
C6991006D1MBlack6.1 m
C6991006D4MBlack6.4 m
C6991006D7MBlack6.7 m
C6991007D3MBlack7.3 m
C6991007D6MBlack7.6 m
C6991007D9MBlack7.9 m
C6991008D5MBlack8.5 m
C6991009D1MBlack9.1 m
C6991009D8MBlack9.8 m
C699106001MBlue1 m
C699106002MBlue2 m
C699106003MBlue3 m
C699106005MBlue5 m
C699106010MBlue10 m
C699106011MBlue11 m
C699106020MBlue20 m
C699106025MBlue25 m
C6991060D5MBlue0.5 m
C6991060D6MBlue0.6 m
C6991060D9MBlue0.9 m
C6991061D2MBlue1.2 m
C6991061D3MBlue1.3 m
C6991061D5MBlue1.5 m
C6991061D8MBlue1.8 m
C6991062D1MBlue2.1 m
C6991062D4MBlue2.4 m
C6991062D7MBlue2.7 m
C6991063D4MBlue3.4 m
C6991063D7MBlue3.7 m
C6991064D3MBlue4.3 m
C6991064D6MBlue4.6 m
C6991065D2MBlue5.2 m
C6991066D1MBlue6.1 m
C6991067D6MBlue7.6 m
C6991067D9MBlue7.9 m
C6991069D1MBlue9.1 m
C699108001MGray1 m
C699108002MGray2 m
C699108003MGray3 m
C699108004MGray4 m
C699108005MGray5 m
C699108007MGray7 m
C699108010MGray10 m
C699108011MGray11 m
C699108014MGray14 m
C699108021MGray21 m
C699108075MGray75 m
C6991080D5MGray0.5 m
C6991080D6MGray0.6 m
C6991080D9MGray0.9 m
C6991081D2MGray1.2 m
C6991081D5MGray1.5 m
C6991081D8MGray1.8 m
C6991082D1MGray2.1 m
C6991082D4MGray2.4 m
C6991082D7MGray2.7 m
C6991083D4MGray3.4 m
C6991083D7MGray3.7 m
C6991084D3MGray4.3 m
C6991084D6MGray4.6 m
C6991084D9MGray4.9 m
C6991085D2MGray5.2 m
C6991085D5MGray5.5 m
C6991085D8MGray5.8 m
C6991086D1MGray6.1 m
C6991086D7MGray6.7 m
C6991087D3MGray7.3 m
C6991087D6MGray7.6 m
C6991087D9MGray7.9 m
C6991088D5MGray8.5 m
C6991089D1MGray9.1 m
C6991089D8MGray9.8 m
C699108015MGray15 m
C699105001MGreen1 m
C699105002MGreen2 m
C699105003MGreen3 m
C699105004MGreen4 m
C699105005MGreen5 m
C699105010MGreen10 m
C699105020MGreen20 m
C6991050D5MGreen0.5 m
C6991050D6MGreen0.6 m
C6991050D9MGreen0.9 m
C6991051D2MGreen1.2 m
C6991051D5MGreen1.5 m
C6991051D8MGreen1.8 m
C6991052D1MGreen2.1 m
C6991052D4MGreen2.4 m
C6991052D7MGreen2.7 m
C6991053D4MGreen3.4 m
C6991053D7MGreen3.7 m
C6991054D3MGreen4.3 m
C6991054D6MGreen4.6 m
C6991055D5MGreen5.5 m
C6991056D1MGreen6.1 m
C6991057D3MGreen7.3 m
C6991057D6MGreen7.6 m
C6991059D1MGreen9.1 m
C699102001MRed1 m
C699102002MRed2 m
C699102003MRed3 m
C699102004MRed4 m
C699102005MRed5 m
C699102010MRed10 m
C6991020D5MRed0.5 m
C6991020D6MRed0.6 m
C6991020D9MRed0.9 m
C6991021D2MRed1.2 m
C6991021D5MRed1.5 m
C6991021D8MRed1.8 m
C6991022D1MRed2.1 m
C6991022D4MRed2.4 m
C6991022D7MRed2.7 m
C6991023D4MRed3.4 m
C6991023D7MRed3.7 m
C6991024D3MRed4.3 m
C6991024D6MRed4.6 m
C6991026D1MRed6.1 m
C6991027D6MRed7.6 m
C6991029D1MRed9.1 m
C699107002MViolet2 m
C699109001MWhite1 m
C699109002MWhite2 m
C699109003MWhite3 m
C699109004MWhite4 m
C699109005MWhite5 m
C699109010MWhite10 m
C6991090D5MWhite0.5 m
C6991090D6MWhite0.6 m
C6991090D9MWhite0.9 m
C6991091D2MWhite1.2 m
C6991091D5MWhite1.5 m
C6991091D8MWhite1.8 m
C6991092D1MWhite2.1 m
C6991092D4MWhite2.4 m
C6991092D7MWhite2.7 m
C6991093D4MWhite3.4 m
C6991093D7MWhite3.7 m
C6991094D3MWhite4.3 m
C6991094D6MWhite4.6 m
C6991094D9MWhite4.9 m
C6991095D2MWhite5.2 m
C6991095D5MWhite5.5 m
C6991095D8MWhite5.8 m
C6991096D1MWhite6.1 m
C6991097D3MWhite7.3 m
C6991097D6MWhite7.6 m
C6991098D2MWhite8.2 m
C6991099D1MWhite9.1 m
C6991094D2MWhite4.2 m
C699104001MYellow1 m
C699104002MYellow2 m
C699104003MYellow3 m
C699104004MYellow4 m
C699104005MYellow5 m
C699104010MYellow10 m
C6991040D5MYellow0.5 m
C6991040D6MYellow0.6 m
C6991040D9MYellow0.9 m
C6991041D2MYellow1.2 m
C6991041D5MYellow1.5 m
C6991041D8MYellow1.8 m
C6991042D1MYellow2.1 m
C6991042D4MYellow2.4 m
C6991042D7MYellow2.7 m
C6991043D7MYellow3.7 m
C6991044D3MYellow4.3 m
C6991044D6MYellow4.6 m
C6991044D9MYellow4.9 m
C6991045D2MYellow5.2 m
C6991045D5MYellow5.5 m
C6991046D1MYellow6.1 m
C6991046D7MYellow6.7 m
C6991047D3MYellow7.3 m
C6991047D6MYellow7.6 m
C6991047D9MYellow7.9 m
C6991048D5MYellow8.5 m
C6991049D1MYellow9.1 m


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.134 Revision Date: 04-08-2022
Date: 2013-01-25
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