Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

BASES ADN-SERIES - Bases for ADN-Serie Cabinets

Bases for ADN-Serie Cabinets. The base is constructed out of four side and four corner profiles which correspond to the depth and width of the cabinet.


Suitable Applications: Bases can be used to lift the ADN cabinet to provide cable access from underneath. Support maximum capacity of 1000kg.
Environmental Space: Indoor

Environmental and Overall Characteristics

Finish: Powder Coated
Material: Steel


EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2): Yes

Related Part Numbers

Packaging: Individually packed in a box.
Item #WidthDepthColor
ADAB2661600 mm600 mmGray
ADAB2662600 mm600 mmBlack
ADAB2681600 mm800 mmGray
ADAB2682600 mm800 mmBlack
ADAB2691600 mm900 mmGray
ADAB2692600 mm900 mmBlack
ADAB2611600 mm1,000 mmGray
ADAB2612600 mm1,000 mmBlack
ADAB2621600 mm1,200 mmGray
ADAB2622600 mm1,200 mmBlack
ADAB2861800 mm600 mmGray
ADAB2862800 mm600 mmBlack
ADAB2881800 mm800 mmGray
ADAB2882800 mm800 mmBlack
ADAB2821800 mm1,200 mmGray
ADAB2822800 mm1,200 mmBlack
Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.41 Revision Date: 04-08-2022
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