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Product Hierarchy

AEHC Chimney - Against Ceiling (Adjustable) - AEHC Active Chimney

AEHC Active Chimney, adjustable against ceiling


Product Overview: Belden's active Adaptive Enclosure Heat Containment (AEHC) System is a highly efficient and cost-effective method for cooling cabinets while preventing the mixing of hot and cold air in the data center. When networked, AEHC chimneys allow aggregation of exhaust air volume of entire cabinet pods, enabling real-time control of CRAC units and creating a logical link between the cooling plant and the computing load. this unique attribute allows reduction of cooling-operating costs, particularly in virtualized, clustered computing environments characterized by highly dynamic computing loads. AEHC uses high-capacity fans controlled by a pressure sensor to ensure dynamic balancing of intake and exhaust air volumes Maintains neutral pressure in the cabinet plenum for highly efficient server fan operation Can be networked in a pod/row for redundancy in virtualized, clustered computing environments Multiple cabinets can share AEHC chimneys based on hosted computing density (three cabinets per chimney is typical) AEHC is highly scalable with chimneys added as needed with increased computing loads A pair of hot swappable brush-less fans with a combined capacity of 10 kW or 30 kW connect to the AEHC controller, enabling quick and easy capacity upgrades ( different capacity fans cannot be used in the same cabinet) Fan motors are engineered to ensure longevity, high air displacement and low power consumption for mission-critical facilities Ideal for existing data centers, and non-Belden cabinets can be retrofitted with chimney by using a customized adapter plate The AEHC system is powered (auto-sensing 120V or 208V) via the cabinet PDUs and accepts two distinct power feeds for redundancy A combination of temperature-humidity sensors with AEHC controller can collect and store environmental data. When networked, real-time data can be accessed via the intuitive user interface or Belden Corman-CS Infrastructure Management Software using SNMP (MIB File) Environmental, mechanical and electrical thresholds and alarms are easy to configure and can be sent directly to e-mail addresses (through an escalation process)
Benefits: Active system can support up to 30 kW per cabinet for today's extremely high heat loads, Active chimneys are available as through-ceiling chimneys that protrude approximately 2" into the plenum, and against-the-ceiling chimneys that adjust and feature rubber gasket for effective sealing against the drop sealing, To account for fans and controller units, chimney length for active containment should be sized by deducting 11.5" from distance between cabinet top and return ceiling, Belden X Series cabinets equipped with containment top panels accept both passive and active chimneys, allowing for easy passive-to-active conversion
Environmental Space: Indoor

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Part #Chimney HeightAdjustable Chimney HeightColor
HCDA024B24.0 in21" - 27"Black
HCDA024W24.0 in21" - 27"White
HCDA036B36.0 in33" - 39"Black
HCDA036W36.0 in33" - 39"White
HCDA048B48.0 in45" - 51"Black
HCDA048W48.0 in45" - 51"White
HCDA060B60.0 in57" - 63"Black
HCDA060W60.0 in57" - 63"White
HCDA072B72.0 in69" - 75"Black
HCDA072W72.0 in69" - 75"White
HCDA084B84.0 in81" - 87"Black
HCDA084W84.0 in81" - 87"White
Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.30 Revision Date: 04-08-2022
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