Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

9BL3-241002 - Basic Upgradeable, 60 AMP 208V 3 Phase 24 Outlet (12 - C13 Locking; 12 - C19 Locking) PDU with 3P+E (IP67) Plug

Upgradeable, 60A, 208V DELTA, 3 Phase, Vertical, (12) Locking IEC C13,(12) Locking IEC C19, breakered, 10 ft power cord with 3P+E (IP67), No Monitoring (Upgradeable with IMD module)


Product Overview: Belden in-cabinet mounted power distribution units (PDUs) and environmental monitors and sensors are designed from high-quality components to support all your mission-critical applications. A key component of our data center ready solution (DCRS), Belden PDUs allow configuration of integrated and optimized hosting systems, including fiber/copper connectivity and cabling, cabinets, cable management and airflow management. They are designed to facilitate seamless integration into Belden racks and cabinets, and include multiple mounting options for maximized airflow and cable management in high-density servers or switch hosting applications. Paired with our extensive line of environmental monitors and sensors, which include alarm thresholds, reporting functionality and built-in intuitive web interface for remote access. Belden has everything you need to precisely monitor, analyze and log key parameters, enabling you to identify current fluctuations and quickly troubleshoot potential problems.
Features: U-Lock IEC C13 and C19 receptacles feature an integrated locking mechanism built within the receptacle housing. The locking mechanism is protected against vibration and external elements that can easily dislodge external locking clips or guides. This self-contained locking mechanism works with any standard IEC plug.
Environmental Space: Indoor
Power Distribution Type: Basic (B)
Monitoring (Local/Remote): Breaker/No

Construction and Dimensions

Height: 72.0 in
Width: 2.25 in
Depth: 3.44 in

Electrical Characteristics

Input Volts (V)/Output Volts (V): 208 Delta/208
Amps/Phases: 60 x 3 Ph
Circuit breaker (Amp/Qty): 20/6
De-Rated Power (kW): 17.3 kW

Mechanical Construction

Plug Type: 3P, 4W
Total Receptacle: 24
Receptacle Type/Qty: C-13L/12 + C-19L/12
Cord Length: 10 ft

Mechanical Characteristics

Mounting: Vertical

Environmental and Overall Characteristics

Finish: Black Powder Coat
Color: Black
Weight: 30.0 LB

Related Part Numbers

Part Number: 9BL3-241002
Packaging: Individually Boxed
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Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.40 Revision Date: 04-11-2022
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