Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

BAT867-F North America for Transportation - 802.11ac IP65/IP67 WLAN Gateway, 2x2 MIMO, Dual Band, USA and Canada, Accessories included

Rugged IP65/67 WLAN Gateway with 2x2 Dual Band MIMO for optimal connectivity in industrial environments. Quick roaming, enhanced security, high speed and tough M12 connectors.

Product description

Name: BAT867-F North America for Transportation
Part Number: 942276300
Port type and quantity: 1x Ethernet M12 X-Coded , 1x Power M12 A-Coded
Radio protocol: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN interface as per IEEE 802.11ac , 802.11F (IAPP) as Access Point, 802.11r as Access Point
Country certification: Canada, USA

More Interfaces

Local Management and Device Replacement: Webinterface, HiDiscovery v1, Config files and scripts, Different config levels (factory, customer-specific, rollout, running)
Ethernet: 1x 10/100/1000Mbit/s
Power Supply: PoE PD via Ethernet M12 X-Coded , 24VDC via M12 A-coded 5-pin , field assembly connectors included

Radio technology

Antenna connector: 2x N-Type Female Socket, requires N-Type Male Connectors on the Antenna
Frequency band: Supports 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz: 2412-2472 MHz or 5180-5825 MHz (regulatory restrictions apply depending on the country of operation)
Modulation: OFDM: BPSK, QPSK, DBPSK, DQPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM, 256-QAM; Note: MCS numbering changed with 11ac. Supported rates with up to 2 streams: MCS0-MCS9. Channel widths: 20MHz, 40MHz and 80MHz
Receiver sensitivity: -95 dBm
Additional radio features: 2x2 MIMO (configurable). Up to 2 streams (configurable). Spatial Multiplexing, Cyclic-Delay Diversity (CDD), Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) Codes, Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC), Space Time Block Code (STBC)

Power requirements

Operating Voltage: PoE PD 802.3af Class 3 , 24 VDC (18-32 VDC)
Power consumption: Maximum power consumption : 9 W

Diagnostics features

Monitoring: Syslog (UDP), SNMPv1/2c/3, (W)LANMonitor, Console, Email (SMTP)

Security features

Authentication: User Management (local, RADIUS, TACACS+, fallback mode)
Encryption: Open, WEP, 802.11i - WPA/WPA2 - Personal (PSK), 802.11i - WPA/WPA2 - Enterprise (802.1X: TLS, TTLS/PAP, TTLS/CHAP, TTLS/MSCHAP, TTLS/MSCHAPV2, TTLS/MD5, PEAP/MSCHAPV2)
Stateful inspection firewall: Static Firewall Layer2, Layer3, IPv4/IPv6 with Incoming and Forwarding Ruleset, Stealth mode


Other services: DHCP Server (IPv4/IPv6, dynamic and static leases, IPv6 Prefix Delegation, DNS proxy) , DynDNS client , PPPoE , FTP server , E-Mail via SMTP


Software features: High performance operating system HiLCOS. Supports WLAN functions, routing, firewall, VLAN and redundancy. IPv4 and IPv6.
Switching: IGMP Snooping, VLAN, Switching over WLAN (Client Briding or P2P)
Redundancy: RSTP, VRRP v2
Management: Web Interface (HTTPs), IPv4, IPv6, SNMP v1/v2/v3, Console (SSH, Telnet)
Diagnostics: System log, reboot log, signal strength, Trace (via Lantools or Console), LEDs, IPerf Server and Client
Configuration: Text file configuration and script, HTTP(s), Console (SSH, Telnet), SNMPv1/2c/3, LANConfig
Time synchronisation: SNTP Client, SNTP Server
Routing: Static unicast routing, RIP, Multinetting, IP Masquerading, Port Forwarding, Proxy ARP, 1-to-1 NAT, 1-to-N NAT, N-to-N NAT
Dynamic routing: VRRP v2, BGP, OSPF
Management Software: Industrial HiVision , LANConfig , optional BAT Controller (WLC for AccessPoint mode)

Ambient conditions

MTBF (Telecordia SR-332 Issue 3) @ 25°C: 233 Years
Operating temperature: -40-+70 °C
Note: Temperature of the surrounding air.
Storage/transport temperature: -40-+70 °C
Relative humidity (non-condensing): 10-95 %
Protective paint on PCB: Yes (conformal coating)

Mechanical construction

Dimensions (WxHxD): 172 mm x 150 mm x 50 mm
Housing: Metal
Mounting: Wall mounting
Protection class: IP65/67 (when using matching connectors)


Basis Standard: FCC, IC
Safety of information technology equipment: IEC/EN 62368-1:2014 + AC:2015 (formerly EN 60950-1), EN 62311:2008
Transportation: EN 50121-4:2016
Radio: ETSI EN 300 328:2019 V2.2.2 (2.4GHz), ETSI EN 301 893:2017 V2.1.1 (5GHz), ETSI EN 302 502:2017 V2.1.1 (5.8GHz)

WLAN Access Point

Access Point Functionality: Yes (Free selection between Access Point, Access Client and Point-to-Point functionality separately in software). Operates as Managed Access Point in combination with a BAT Controller (WLC). PMK Caching, Preauthentication, OKC (Opportunistic Key Caching).
Number of SSIDs: 8 (In parallel for Access Point and P2P mode, exclusively in Client mode)
Max. Number of Connected Clients: 127

WLAN Client

Client / STA Functionality: Yes (Can be switched in software between AP, P2P, Client)

WLAN Typical Receive Sensitivity

802.11n, 2.4 GHz, 20 MHz, MCS0: -93 dBm
802.11n, 2.4 GHz, 20 MHz, MCS7: -76 dBm
802.11n, 5 GHz, 20 MHz, MCS0: -93 dBm
802.11n, 5 GHz, 20 MHz, MCS7: -73 dBm

Scope of delivery and accessories

Accessories to Order Separately: External antennas; Cables 2m, 5m, 15m;
Scope of delivery: Device, safety instructions, dust protection caps , outdoor safety instructions , 2x Antenna (BAT-ANT-N-3AGN-IP67), 1x 50 Ω terminating resistor, Field attachable Gigabit Ethernet connector “X”-coded (942 083-001), M12 power supply plug (ELKA 5012 PG7)

Further Instructions

Product Documentation:
Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.19 Revision Date: 01-08-2021
EU Declaration of conformity
Version: 20-07-06
FCC Declaration of conformity
Version: 19-09-10
EN50121-4: Declaration of Conformity
Version: 19-12-05
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