Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

8521 - Lead Wire, #16 Str TC, PVC Ins, TYPE MW MIL-W-76C-PVC

Low Temp Plastic Lead Wire, 16AWG (26x30) Tinned Copper, PVC Insulation, TYPE MW MIL-W-76C-PVC 1000V 80C

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: inter-connection circuits, internal wiring of computer and electronic equipments, (Type MW) MIL-W-76C-Low Temp applications

Construction Details

1626x30TC - Tinned Copper
MaterialNom. ThicknessNom. Insulation Diameter
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride0.019 in (0.48 mm)0.098 in (2.5 mm)
Overall Cable Diameter (Nominal): 0.098 in (2.5 mm)

Electrical Characteristics

Nom. Conductor DCRMax. Current
4.0 Ohm/1000ft (13 Ohm/km)Single conductor in free air @ 30ºC: 22 A
UL Voltage Rating
1000 V RMS

Mechanical Characteristics

-40°C To +80°C
Bulk Cable Weight: 12 lbs/1000ft (18 kg/km)

Standards and Compliance

Sustainability: CA Prop 65
Military Compliance: MIL-W-76C Type MWP
European Directive Compliance: EU CE Mark, EU Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS 2 amendment), EU Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE)
APAC Compliance: China RoHS II (GB/T 26572-2011)


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.375 Revision Date: 04-08-2022

Part Numbers

Item #ColorPutup TypeLengthUPC
8521 010100BlackReel100 ft612825211075
8521 0101000BlackReel1,000 ft612825211082
8521 013100Blue, DarkReel100 ft612825211105
8521 0131000Blue, DarkReel1,000 ft612825211112
8521 006100Blue, LightReel100 ft612825210955
8521 0061000Blue, LightReel1,000 ft612825210962
8521 001100BrownReel100 ft612825210825
8521 0011000BrownReel1,000 ft612825210832
8521 008100GrayReel100 ft612825211006
8521 0081000GrayReel1,000 ft612825211013
8521 005100Green, DarkReel100 ft612825210931
8521 0051000Green, DarkReel1,000 ft612825210948
8521 003100OrangeReel100 ft612825210887
8521 0031000OrangeReel1,000 ft612825210894
8521 012100PinkReel100 ft612825354949
8521 002100RedReel100 ft612825210856
8521 0021000RedReel1,000 ft612825210863
8521 011100TanReel100 ft
8521 0111000TanReel1,000 ft
8521 007100VioletReel100 ft612825210979
8521 0071000VioletReel1,000 ft612825210986
8521 009100WhiteReel100 ft612825211037
8521 0091000WhiteReel1,000 ft612825211044
8521 0141000White, Black StripeReel1,000 ft612825211129
8521 018100White, Blue StripeReel100 ft612825211150
8521 0181000White, Blue StripeReel1,000 ft612825211167
8521 0191000White, Brown StripeReel1,000 ft612825211174
8521 0211000White, Gray StripeReel1,000 ft612825211198
8521 0161000White, Green StripeReel1,000 ft612825211143
8521 0201000White, Orange StripeReel1,000 ft612825211181
8521 0151000White, Red StripeReel1,000 ft612825211136
8521 0221000White, Violet StripeReel1,000 ft612825211204
8521 0171000White, Yellow StripeReel1,000 ft
8521 004100YellowReel100 ft612825210917
8521 0041000YellowReel1,000 ft612825210924
Date: 2005-10-01
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