Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

74001NH - DataTuff® Industrial Ethernet Cat 5e Permanent Installation Cable

DataTuff Industrial ETHERNET, CAT5E, 4PR, 1 Gb/s, AWG 24(1), Solid Conductor, Foil+ 80% Braid, No Halogen Jacket, UL AWM 21286

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

AWGStrandingMaterialNo. of Pairs
24SolidBC - Bare Copper4
Conductor Count: 8
Total Number of Pairs: 4
MaterialNominal DiameterDiameter +/- Tolerance
PP - Polypropylene1.1 mm0.05 mm
Bonded-Pair: No
Color Chart
Pair 1White/Blue & Blue
Pair 2White/Orange & Orange
Pair 3White/Green & Green
Pair 4White/Brown & Brown
Outer Shield Material
TypeMaterialMin. Coverage [%]
BraidTC - Tinned Copper80 %
Outer Shield Table Note: Aluminum outside
Outer Jacket Material
MaterialNominal DiameterDiameter +/- ToleranceMin. Wall Thickness
LSZH / FRNC (UV stabilised and oil resistant)6.8 mm0.3 mm0.8 mm

Construction and Dimensions

Min Elongation at Breakof Conductors: 10 %
Min Elongation at Breakof Insulation: 100 %
Min Elongation at Breakof Jacket: 100 %
Min Tensile Strength of Jacket: 9 MPa

Electrical Characteristics

Conductor DCR
Max. Conductor DCRMax. Conductor LoopMax. DCR Unbalanced Within Pair [%]
93.8 Ohm/km19 Ohm/1000ft2 %
Max. Capacitance UnbalanceMax. Mutual Capacitance
1.6 pF/m56 pF/m
Nominal Characteristic ImpedanceNominal Characteristic ToleranceNominal Input Impedance
100 Ohm5 Ohm100 +/- 15 Ohm
Max. Delay SkewNominal Velocity of Propagation (VP) [%]
40 ns/100m60 %
ElementMax. Recommended Current [A]
Conductor1.4 A
Voltage Rating [V]
450 V DC and 300 V AC

Temperature Range

Installation Temp Range: -5°C To +50°C
Operating Temp Range: -40°C To +80°C

Mechanical Characteristics

Oil Resistance: IEC 60811-2-1
Max Recommended Pulling Tension: 80 N
Min Bend Radius (W/o Pulling Strength): 70 mm
Min Setting Radius: 35 mm


ISO/IEC Compliance: ISO/IEC 11801 Ed. 2.2:2002/A2:2010/C1:2011 and ISO/IEC 24702
CPR Euroclass: Eca
CENELEC Compliance: EN 50173-1 Ed. 3:2011
Data Category: Category 5e
ANSI Compliance: ANSI/TIA 568.2-D (2018)
IEEE Specification: PoE: IEEE 802.3bt Type 1, Type 2, Type 3

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

Environmental Space: Indoor - Euroclass Eca
EU RoHS Compliance Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2004-01-01

Flammability, LS0H, Toxicity Testing

ISO/IEC Flammability: IEC 60332-1-2
Amount of Halogen acc. to IEC 60754-1 & EN50267-1: Zero

Part Number

Item #ColorLength
74001NH.01305Black305 m
74001NH.01500Black500 m
74001NH.01B100Black100 m
74001NH.00305Black305 m
74001NH.00500Black500 m
74001NH.00B100Black100 m
74001NH.04500Blue500 m
74001NH.08500Blue500 m
74001NH.02500Green500 m
74001NH.03500Light Blue500 m
74001NH.06500Light Blue500 m
74001NH.06B100Light Blue100 m
74001NH.05500Pink500 m
74001NH.07500Pink500 m


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.174 Revision Date: 09-02-2019
Date: 2004-01-01
AN 112E
Description: Cable Solutions for Outside Broadcast Events From Access Control to Giant Displays
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