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Product Hierarchy

70065PE - 4 x QUAD SNAKE, 26AWG, PE

AUDIO 4 x QUAD SNAKE, 26AWG/0.14mm², PE

Product Overview

Environmental Space: Outdoor
Suitable Applications: 4 fold star-quad FRNC/PE microphone cable

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

AWGStrandingMaterialConstruction n x D
26StrandedBC - Bare Copper19x0.10 mm
Conductor Count: 16
TypeMaterialNominal DiameterDiameter +/- Tolerance
InsulationPolyethylene1.15 mm0.05 mm
Color Chart
Quad 1White & Blue & White/Blue & Blue/White
Color Chart1, Table Note: With ringmarking
Color Chart 2
Quad 11
Quad 22
Quad 33
Quad 44
Inner Shield Material
TypeMaterialCoverage [%]Drainwire MaterialDrainwire AWGDrainwire Construction n x DDrainwire Position
TapeAluminum / Polyester100 %Stranded tinned copper267x0.16 mmUnder shielding foil
InnerShield, Table Note: Aluminum inside
Inner Jacket Material
MaterialColorNominal Diameter
FRNC / LSZHGray (like RAL 7001)3.70 mm
InnerJacket, Table Note: Elements are numbered 1-4 for identification
Outer Jacket Material
MaterialColorNominal DiameterDiameter +/- ToleranceNominal Wall Thickness
PolyethyleneBlack11.70 mm0.50 mm1.40 mm

Construction and Dimensions

4 fillers + 4 quads + 1 stranded tinned copper drainwire (16AWG) (26x0.254 mm) covered with a non-woven foil

Electrical Characteristics

Conductor DCR
Nominal Conductor DCR
110.0 Ohm/km
Nom. Capacitance Conductor to ConductorNom. Capacitance Conductor to Shield
164 pF/m222 pF/m
Voltage Rating [V]
300 V

Temperature Range

Other Temp Range: -30 to +70 °C

Mechanical Characteristics

Min Bend Radius During Installation: 117 mm
Min Bend Radius During Operation: 175.5 mm

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

EU RoHS Compliance Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2012-07-30

Part Number

Item #ColorLength
70065PE.001000Black1,000 m
70065PE.00500Black500 m


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.109 Revision Date: 08-22-2019
Date: 2012-07-30
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