Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

5500UG - Security & Sound, #22-2c, BC, CM

Security & Sound Cable, Rated-CM, 2-22 AWG stranded bare copper conductors with polyolefin insulation, PVC jacket

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: Security System, Alarm, Intercom/PA, Single Line Telephone

Construction Details

ElementNumber of ElementSizeStrandingMaterial
Pair(s)122 AWG7x30BC - Bare Copper
ElementMaterialNom. ThicknessNom. Insulation DiameterColor Code
Pair(s)PP - Polypropylene0.007 in (0.18 mm)0.042 in (1.1 mm)Black and Red
Outer Shield
No Shield
Outer Jacket
MaterialNom. ThicknessNom. DiameterRipcord
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride0.015 in (0.38 mm)0.114 inYes
Overall Cable Diameter (Nominal): 0.114 in

Electrical Characteristics

ElementNom. Conductor DCRNom. Capacitance Cond-to-CondMax. Current
Pair(s)16.4 Ohm/1000ft20 pF/ft (66 pF/m)2.8 Amps per Conductor at 25ºC
UL Voltage Rating
300 V

Mechanical Characteristics

UL TemperatureOperating
75°C-20°C To +75°C
Bend Radius
Stationary Min.Installation Min.
1.14 in (29.0 mm)1.14 in
Max. Pull Tension: 18.2 lbs (8.26 kg)
Bulk Cable Weight: 7 lbs/1000ft

Standards and Compliance

Environmental Suitability: Indoor
Flammability / Reaction to Fire: UL1685 UL Loading, FT1
NEC / UL Compliance: Article 800, CM
CEC / C(UL) Compliance: CM
European Directive Compliance: EU CE Mark, EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2), EU Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE)
APAC Compliance: China RoHS II (GB/T 26572-2011)


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.293 Revision Date: 04-08-2022

Part Numbers

Item #ColorPutup TypeLengthUPC
5500UG U4FU500Beige U4FUnReel500 ft612825162933
5500UG U4FC1000Beige U4FCoil1,000 ft612825162926
5500UG 006C500Blue, LightCoil500 ft612825365839
5500UG 006U500Blue, LightUnReel500 ft612825163046
5500UG 001C500BrownCoil500 ft612825162957
5500UG 001C1000BrownCoil1,000 ft612825162940
5500UG 008C500GrayCoil500 ft612825163091
5500UG 008C1000GrayCoil1,000 ft612825163084
5500UG 008U1000GrayUnReel1,000 ft612825337188
5500UG 005C500Green, DarkCoil500 ft612825163022
5500UG 005U500Green, DarkUnReel500 ft612825163039
5500UG 005C1000Green, DarkCoil1,000 ft612825163015
5500UG 003C500OrangeCoil500 ft612825162964
5500UG 003U500OrangeUnReel500 ft612825162971
5500UG 007C500VioletCoil500 ft612825163060
5500UG 007U500VioletUnReel500 ft612825163077
5500UG 007C1000VioletCoil1,000 ft612825163053
5500UG 009C500WhiteCoil500 ft612825163114
5500UG 009C1000WhiteCoil1,000 ft612825163107
5500UG 009U1000WhiteUnReel1,000 ft612825163121
5500UG 004C500YellowCoil500 ft612825162995
5500UG 004U500YellowUnReel500 ft612825163008
5500UG 004C1000YellowCoil1,000 ft612825162988
Date: 2004-01-01
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