Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

50106HFP - 50106HFP Industrial Cat6 Cable, SF/UTP, 4 Pair, AWG 26 Stranded, PE/PUR, High-Flex, CC-Link IE Field & CC-Link IE Field TSN Certified, AWM 20549

SF/UTP, Category 6, 4-Pair, 26 AWG Stranded Bare Copper Conductors, Polyethylene Insulation, Overall foil shield plus tinned copper braid shield, Halogen Free PUR Jacket, High Flexibility, CC-Link IE Field & CC-Link IE Field TSN Certified, AWM 20549

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: Interconnecting Industrial Ethernet Switches, IP controllers, media convertors, distributed control system, programmable logic controller and transmitting industrial protocol data signals. Suitable for transmitting 1000BASE-TX Gigabit Ethernet, 100BASE-T Fast Ethernet, 100BaseVG ANYLAN, 155ATM, 622 ATM, RS-422, 250MHz Category 6, EtherCAT. With superior flexibility this cable is very suitable for use in the continuous flexing applications like drag chains, robotics, moving machinery parts, etc. It is designed to meet up to 10 million bending cycles that covers the most critical scenarios in plant engineering and machinery manufacturing. These are highly durable & ruggedized cables for both indoor and outdoor use meeting IEC 60332-1 & IEC 60332-3-25 flame rating.

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

26StrandedBC - Bare Copper
Conductor Count: 8
Total Number of Pairs: 4
PE - Polyethylene
Color Chart
Pair 1White / Blue & Blue
Pair 2White / Orange & Orange
Pair 3White / Green & Green
Pair 4White / Brown & Brown
Outer Shield Material
TypeMaterialCoverage [%]
BraidBi-Laminate (Alum+Poly)100%
Tinned Copper (TC)100%
Outer Jacket Material
MaterialNominal Diameter
PUR - Polyurethane (Halogen Free)7.0 mm

Electrical Characteristics

Conductor DCR
Max. Conductor DCRMax DCR Unbalanced Between Pairs [%]
140 Ohm/km5 %
Max. Capacitance UnbalanceNom.Mutual Capacitance
330 pF/100m56 pF/m
Nominal Characteristic Impedance
100 Ohm
Max. DelayMax. Delay Skew
538 ns/100m @100MHz45 ns/100m
High Freq
Frequency [MHz]Max. Insertion Loss (Attenuation)Min. NEXT [dB]Min. PSNEXT [dB]Min. ACRF (ELFEXT) [dB]Min. PSACRF (PSELFEXT) [dB]Min. RL (Return Loss) [dB]
1 MHz2.1 dB65 dB62 dB63.3 dB60.3 dB19 dB
4 MHz4.0 dB63 dB60.5 dB51.2 dB48.2 dB19 dB
8 MHz5.7 dB58.2 dB55.6 dB45.2 dB42.2 dB19 dB
10 MHz6.3 dB56.6 dB54 dB43.3 dB40.3 dB19 dB
16 MHz8.0 dB53.2 dB50.6 dB39.2 dB36.2 dB18 dB
20 MHz9.0 dB51.6 dB49 dB37.2 dB34.2 dB17.5 dB
25 MHz10.1 dB50 dB47.3 dB35.3 dB32.3 dB17 dB
31.25 MHz11.4 dB48.4 dB45.7 dB33.4 dB30.4 dB16.5 dB
62.5 MHz16.5 dB43.4 dB40.6 dB27.3 dB24.3 dB14 dB
100 MHz21.3 dB39.9 dB37.1 dB23.3 dB20.3 dB12 dB
200 MHz31.5 dB34.8 dB31.9 dB17.2 dB14.2 dB9 dB
250 MHz35.9 dB33.1 dB30.2 dB15.3 dB12.3 dB8 dB
Table Notes: Note: Fluke Channel transmission performance, Max. Cable length: 45 meters
Voltage Rating [V]
300 V RMS (UL AWM Style 20549)

Temperature Range

Operating Temp Range: -25°C To 80°C

Mechanical Characteristics

Bulk Cable Weight: 54 kg/km
Min Bend Radius During Installation: 56 mm
Min No. of Drag Chain Cycles: 10 million
Drag Chain Parameters: 1m Travel Distance, 2m/s Travel Speed, 2m/s² Acceleration and 70mm Bending Radius


CEC/C(UL) Compliance: AWM I/II 80C 300V
UL AWM Style Compliance: AWM 20549
IEC Compliance: ISO/IEC 11801
Data Category: Category 6
ANSI Compliance: ANSI/TIA 568-D.2
TIA/EIA Compliance: CC-Link IE Field, CC-Link IE Field TSN

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

Environmental Space: Indoor/Outdoor
EU Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS II): Yes
EU Directive Compliance: Yes


Suitability - Indoor: Yes
Suitability - Non-Halogenated: Yes
Suitability - Oil Resistance: Yes
Suitability - Outdoor: Yes
Suitability - Sunlight Resistance: Yes

Flammability, LS0H, Toxicity Testing

CSA Flammability: FT2
IEC Flammability: IEC 60332-1-2 and IEC 60332-3-25 cat D
IEC 61034-2 (EN 61034-2) (VDE 0482-1034) - Smoke Density Min. Transmittance: 60%

Part Number

Item #ColorPutup TypeLength
50106HFP 010305MBlackReel305 m
50106HFP 006305MBlueReel305 m
50106HFP 008305MGrayReel305 m
Footnote: For more order number information, please approach your Belden sales representative freely


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