Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

50095PVC - DeviceNet Flat Trunk Cable, 4C16AWG Str TC, PVC (Cores A) / FMPE (Cores B), PVC Jacket

DeviceNet Flat Trunk Cable, 4C16AWG Str TC, PVC (Cores A) / FMPE (Cores B), PVC Jacket, CMG-FT4, 300V

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: Class 2 (CL2) 4-conductor unshielded Flat Cable DeviceNet Trunk

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

16StrandedTC - Tinned Copper
Conductor Count: 4
ElementMaterialNominal DiameterNominal Wall Thickness
Conductor APVC - Polyvinyl Chloride2.80 mm0.65 mm
Conductor BPE - Polyethylene (Foam)2.80 mm0.65 mm
Color Chart
Core A1Red
Core A2Black
Core B1White
Core B2Blue
Outer Jacket
MaterialNominal Diameter
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride5.3±0.2mm(Height) X 19.3±0.60m(Width)

Electrical Characteristics

Conductor DCR
Nominal Conductor DCR
14.6 Ohm/km
ElementMax. Capacitance UnbalanceNom. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor
Cores B @500 KHz1.2 pF/ft14.7 pF/ft
Frequency [MHz]Nominal Characteristic Impedance
Cores B @500 KHz, 20°C120 Ohm
Nominal Delay
1.61 ns/ft
High Frequency
Frequency [MHz]Max. Insertion Loss (Attenuation)
125 KHz0.13 dB/100ft
0.5 MHz0.25 dB/100ft
1.0 MHz0.40 dB/100ft
UL Voltage Rating
300 V

Temperature Range

Storage Temperature Range: -40°C To +85°C
Operating Temperature Range: -25°C To +75°C @ 8 amps, derate current linearly to zero at 80°C

Mechanical Characteristics

Flex Test: Min Number of Bends: 1000000
Flex Test: Description: @ 4'' radius
Max. Pull Tension: 90 lbs
Min. Bend Radius During Installation: 10 X Height
Min. Bend Radius During Operation: 10 X Height
Min Flexing Radius: 101.6 mm


NEC/(UL) Compliance: CL2, CMG
CEC/C(UL) Compliance: CMG
CSA AWM Compliance: AWM I/II A/B

Related Part Numbers

Item #ColorLength
50095PVC 010075MBlack75 m
50095PVC 010200MBlack200 m
50095PVC 010420MBlack420 m
50095PVC 006075MBlue75 m
50095PVC 006200MBlue200 m
50095PVC 006420MBlue420 m


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