Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

4813 - CAT6"E" Horizontal, 4pr, UTP, LS-PVC Jkt, CMP

CAT6 Enhanced (600MHz), 4 Nonbonded-Pairs, U/UTP, Plenum-CMP, Premise Horizontal cable, 23 AWG solid bare copper conductors, dual FRPO/FEP insulation, patented X-spline, ripcord, Flamarrest® jacket

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: Premise Horizontal Cable, Gigabit Ethernet, 100BaseTX, 100BaseVG ANYLAN, 155ATM, 622ATM, NTSC/PAL Component or Composite Video, AES/EBU Digital Audio, AES51, RS-422, Noisy Environments

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

AWGStrandingMaterialNo. of Pairs
23SolidBC - Bare Copper4
Conductor Count: 8
Total Number of Pairs: 4
FRPO/FEP - Flame Retardant Polyolefin/Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene
Bonded-Pair: N/A
Color Chart
1White/Blue Stripe & Blue
2White/Orange Stripe & Orange
3White/Green Stripe & Green
4White/Brown Stripe & Brown
Outer Jacket Material
MaterialMaterial Trade NameNominal DiameterRipcordSeparator Material
LS PVC - Low Smoke Polyvinyl ChlorideFlamarrest®0.258 inYesPatented X-Spline Center Member

Electrical Characteristics

Conductor DCR
Max. Conductor DCRMax. DCR UnbalanceMax DCR Unbalanced Between Pairs [%]
67 Ohm/km3 %5 %
Max. Capacitance UnbalanceNom.Mutual Capacitance
90 pF/100m15.5 pF/ft
Frequency [MHz]Max. DelayMax. Delay SkewNominal Velocity of Propagation (VP) [%]
100 MHz537.6 ns/100m45 ns/100m70 %
High Freq
Frequency [MHz]Max. Insertion Loss (Attenuation)Min. NEXT [dB]Min. PSNEXT [dB]Min. ACR [dB]Min. PSACR [dB]Min. ACRF (ELFEXT) [dB]Min. PSACRF (PSELFEXT) [dB]Min. RL (Return Loss) [dB]Max./Min. Input Impedance (unFitted)Max./Min. Fitted ImpedanceMin. TCL [dB]Min. ELTCTL [dB]
0.772 MHz1.7 dB/100m83.0 dB82.0 dB81.3 dB80.3 dB77.0 dB75.0 dB102 ± 15 Ohm40.0 dB37.2 dB
1 MHz1.9 dB/100m81.3 dB80.3 dB79.4 dB78.4 dB74.8 dB72.8 dB20.0 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm40.0 dB35.0 dB
4 MHz3.5 dB/100m72.3 dB71.3 dB68.8 dB67.8 dB62.8 dB60.8 dB23.0 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm40.0 dB23.0 dB
8 MHz4.9 dB/100m67.8 dB66.8 dB62.8 dB61.8 dB56.7 dB54.7 dB24.5 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm40.0 dB16.9 dB
10 MHz5.5 dB/100m66.3 dB65.3 dB60.8 dB59.8 dB54.8 dB52.8 dB25.0 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm40.0 dB15.0 dB
16 MHz7.0 dB/100m63.2 dB62.2 dB56.3 dB55.3 dB50.7 dB48.7 dB25.0 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm38.0 dB10.9 dB
20 MHz7.8 dB/100m61.8 dB60.8 dB54.0 dB53.0 dB48.8 dB46.8 dB25.0 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm37.0 dB9.0 dB
25 MHz8.7 dB/100m60.3 dB59.3 dB51.6 dB50.6 dB46.8 dB44.8 dB25.0 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm36.0 dB7.0 dB
31.25 MHz9.8 dB/100m58.9 dB57.9 dB49.1 dB48.1 dB44.9 dB42.9 dB24.3 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm35.1 dB
62.5 MHz14.1 dB/100m54.4 dB53.4 dB40.3 dB39.3 dB38.9 dB36.9 dB22.2 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm32.0 dB
100 MHz18.0 dB/100m51.3 dB50.3 dB33.3 dB32.3 dB34.8 dB32.8 dB20.8 dB100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm30.0 dB
155 MHz22.8 dB/100m48.4 dB47.4 dB25.7 dB24.7 dB31.0 dB29.0 dB19.5 dB100 ± 22 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm28.1 dB
200 MHz26.2 dB/100m46.8 dB45.8 dB20.6 dB19.6 dB28.8 dB26.8 dB18.7 dB100 ± 22 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm27.0 dB
250 MHz29.6 dB/100m45.3 dB44.3 dB15.8 dB14.8 dB26.8 dB24.8 dB18.0 dB100 ± 32 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm26.0 dB
300 MHz32.7 dB/100m44.1 dB43.1 dB11.4 dB10.4 dB25.3 dB23.3 dB17.5 dB100 ± 32 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm
350 MHz35.6 dB/100m43.1 dB42.1 dB7.5 dB6.5 dB23.9 dB21.9 dB17.0 dB100 ± 32 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm
400 MHz38.4 dB/100m42.3 dB41.3 dB3.9 dB2.9 dB22.8 dB20.8 dB16.6 dB100 ± 32 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm
450 MHz41.0 dB/100m41.5 dB40.5 dB0.5 dB21.7 dB19.7 dB16.2 dB100 ± 32 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm
500 MHz43.6 dB/100m40.8 dB39.8 dB20.8 dB18.8 dB15.9 dB100 ± 32 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm
550 MHz46.0 dB/100m40.2 dB39.2 dB20.0 dB18.0 dB15.6 dB100 ± 32 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm
600 MHz48.4 dB/100m39.6 dB38.6 dB19.2 dB17.2 dB15.4 dB100 ± 32 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm
650 MHz50.6 dB/100m39.1 dB36.1 dB18.5 dB15.5 dB15.1 dB
750 MHz55.0 dB/100ft38.2 dB35.2 dB17.3 dB14.3 dB14.7 dB
860 MHz59.6 dB/100ft37.3 dB34.3 dB16.1 dB13.1 dB14.3 dB
Segregation class according EN50174-2: a
UL Voltage Rating
300 V RMS

Temperature Range

Installation Temp Range: 0°C To +50°C
UL Temp Rating: 90°C
Storage Temp Range: -20°C To +75°C
Operating Temp Range: -20°C To +75°C

Mechanical Characteristics

Bulk Cable Weight: 33 lbs/1000ft
Max Recommended Pulling Tension: 25 lbs
Min Bend Radius During Installation: 2.75 in
Min Bend Radius/Minor Axis: 1.0 in


NEC Articles: 800
NEC/(UL) Specification: CMP
CEC/C(UL) Specification: CMP
ISO/IEC Compliance: 11801 ed 2.2 (2011) Class E
CPR Euroclass: Eca
Data Category: Category 6
ANSI Compliance: S-116-732-2013 Category 6, ANSI/NEMA WC-66 Category 6
Telecommunications Standards: ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6
IEEE Specification: IEEE 802.3bt Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4
Other Standards: C(UL)US CMP 90C OR (UL) CMP-LP (0.6A) OR CL3P-LP (0.6A)
Third Party Performance Verification: Category 6

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

Environmental Space: Plenum
EU Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV): Yes
EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS): Yes
EU Directive 2002/96/EC (WEEE): Yes
EU Directive 2003/11/EC (BFR): Yes
EU Directive 2003/96/EC (BFR): Yes
EU Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS II): Yes
EU Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE): Yes
EU Directive 2015/863/EU: Yes
EU Directive Compliance: Yes
EU CE Mark: Yes
EU REACH SVHC Compliance (yyyy-mm-dd): 2017-07-10
EU RoHS Compliance Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2006-07-01
CA Prop 65 (CJ for Wire & Cable): Yes
MII Order #39 (China RoHS): Yes


Suitability - Aerial: No
Suitability - Burial: No
Suitability - Hazardous Locations: No
Suitability - Indoor: Yes
Suitability - Non-Halogenated: No
Suitability - Oil Resistance: No
Suitability - Outdoor: No
Suitability - Sunlight Resistance: No

Flammability, LS0H, Toxicity Testing

UL Flammability: NFPA 262 Plenum (UL 910)
CSA Flammability: FT6
ISO/IEC Flammability: IEC 60332-1-2
UL voltage rating: 300 V RMS


Plenum (Y/N): Yes

Part Number

Non-Plenum Number: 4812
Item #ColorUPCLength
4813 0101000Black6128251536651,000 ft
4813 0101000Black6128251536651,000 ft
4813 0103000Black6128251536723,000 ft
4813 0103000Black6128251536723,000 ft
4813 D151000Blue6128251535971,000 ft
4813 D15A1000Blue6128251535801,000 ft
4813 D151000Blue6128251535971,000 ft
4813 D15A1000Blue6128251535801,000 ft
4813 0081000Gray6128251536271,000 ft
4813 0081000Gray6128251536271,000 ft
4813 0051000Green6128251536101,000 ft
4813 0091000White6128251536411,000 ft
4813 0091000White6128251536411,000 ft
4813 0092500White6128251536582,500 ft
4813 0092500White6128251536582,500 ft
4813 009A1000White6128251536341,000 ft
4813 009A1000White6128251536341,000 ft
4813 0041000Yellow6128251536031,000 ft

Product Notes

Notes: Values above 600 MHz are for Engineering Information Only. Print Includes Descending Footage/Meter Markings from Max. Put-Up Length to 0.


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.373 Revision Date: 08-22-2019
Date: 2006-07-01
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