Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

29507T - VFD 300% Gnd, 3C+G #2 Str TC, XLPE Ins+PVC Grd, OS+TC Brd w/4-#8 TC Drains, Blk LSZH Jkt, 600V TC-ER 90C Dry/Wet 1000V Flexible Motor Supply Cable

Belden 300% Ground Flexible VFD, 3 Conductor 2AWG (7x19x23) Tinned Copper, XLPE Insulation M4 Color Code+PVC Insulated Ground, Overall Beldfoil®+Tinned Copper Braid(85%) Shield w/4-8AWG Tinned Copper Drains, Black LSZH Outer Jacket, 600V TC-ER 90C Dry/Wet 1000V Flexible Motor Supply Cable 1000V CSA AWM I/II A/B SUN RES DIR BUR

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

ElementAWGStrandingMaterialNo. of Conductors
Conductor27x19x23TC - Tinned Copper3
Ground27x19x23TC - Tinned Copper1
Conductor Count: 3
XLP, XLPO, XLPE (Thermoset)
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Outer Shield Material
TypeLayerMaterialMaterial Trade NameCoverage [%]Drainwire MaterialDrainwire AWG
Tape1Alum / Poly / AlumDuofoil®100 %TC - Tinned Copper8 (4x)
Braid2TC - Tinned Copper85 %
Outer Jacket Material
LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen flame retardant

Temperature Range

UL Temp Rating: 90°C Dry, 90°C Wet


Suitability - Indoor: Yes
Suitability - Outdoor: Yes

Part Number

Item #ColorPutup TypeUPC
29507T 0101000BlackReel612825137405
29507T 0102000BlackReel612825137412


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.108 Revision Date: 04-28-2020
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