Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

2824RW - Indoor/Outdoor Stadium Cable, 3-Channel SMPTE, 6 Fiber, 6 Conductor 18 AWG, 6 Conductor 24 AWG, CPE Jacket

Indoor/Outdoor, 3-Channel SMPTE Stadium Cable, 6 Single Mode Fibers, 6 TC Conductor 18 AWG (19x30) and 6 TC Conductor 24 AWG (7x32), Beldfoil Shields, Water Blocking Tape, CPE Jacket

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: 3 Channel Composite Camera Cable


Multiconductor Conductor and Insulation
ElementNo. of ConductorsAWGStrandingMaterialNominal Conductor DCRInsulation MaterialInsulation Nominal Diameter
Quad 1, Quad 2, Quad 36247x32TC - Tinned Copper23.3 Ohm/1000ftPVC - Polyvinyl Chloride0.038 in
Quad 1, Quad 2, Quad 361819x30TC - Tinned Copper6.67 Ohm/1000ftPVC - Polyvinyl Chloride0.080 in
Multiconductor Color Chart
Quad 1 - 24AWGRed
Quad 1 - 24AWGGray
Quad 1 - 18AWGWhite
Quad 1 - 18AWGBlack
Quad 2 - 24AWGRed/Yellow
Quad 2 - 24AWGGray/Yellow
Quad 2 - 18AWGWhite/Yellow
Quad 2 - 18AWGBlack/Yellow
Quad 3 - 24AWGRed/Orange
Quad 3 - 24AWGGray/Orange
Quad 3 - 18AWGWhite/Orange
Quad 3 - 18AWGBlack/Orange
Multiconductor Inner Shield
LayerInner Shield TypeInner Shield MaterialInner Shield CoverageDrainwire AWGDrainwire StrandingDrainwire MaterialDrainwire Position
Each QuadTapeAl/poly (Foil in)100 %227x30TC - Tinned CopperUnder Each Quad's Shield Tape
Multiconductor UL Voltage
UL DescriptionUL Voltage Rating
24 AWG300 V RMS
18 AWG300 V RMS


Fiber Cable Construction
Fiber TypeFiber Count
OS2, G.657.A26
Fiber Color Coding: Yellow Printed
Subunit Diameter: 0.078 in (2.0 mm)
Buffer Specification
Buffer MaterialBuffer Diameter
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride900 µm
Number of Active Subunits: 6
Number of Subunit Positions: 6
Fibers Per Subunit: 1
Subunit Waterblocking: Aramid Yarn
Mode Field Diameter: 9.2 µm
Wavelength@Optical SM1: 1310 nm, 1550 nm
Max. Attenuation at 1310 nm: 0.50 dB/km
Max. Attenuation at 1550 nm: 0.50 dB/km

Overall Cable

Jacket: CPE
Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 70°C
Installation Temperature Range: -10°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature Range: -40°C to 70°C
Max. Pull Tension: 2700 N
Bulk Cable Weight: 134 lbs/1000ft

Applicable Standards & Environmental Programs

NEC/(UL) Compliance: CMR
EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2): Yes
EU Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS 2 amendment): Yes
EU Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV): Yes
EU Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE): Yes
EU Directive 2003/11/EC (BFR): Yes
CA Prop 65 (CJ for Wire and Cable): Yes
China RoHS II (GB/T 26572-2011): Yes


Suitability - Indoor: Yes
Suitability - Outdoor: Yes

Flame Test

UL Flammability: UL1666 Vertical Shaft


Plenum (Y/N): No

Product Notes

Notes: Copper conductor quads are individually shielded with individual drain wire

Overall Armor Shield

Item #ColorUPCLength
2824RW 005CUTGreen
2824RW 0051000Green, Dark6128254000661,000 ft
2824RW 0055000Green, Dark6128254000735,000 ft
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