Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

1583E - Category 5e Cable, 4 Pair, U/UTP, PVC Indoor CPR Eca

Category 5e Premise Horizontal Cable (100MHz), 4-Pair, 24 AWG solid bare copper conductors, U/UTP, Polyethylene insulation, PVC jacket

Product Overview

Suitable Applications: Horizontal and building backbone cable; Support current and future Category 5e applications, such as: 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet), 100 Base-T, 10 Base-T, FDDI, ATM

Construction Details

ElementSizeStrandingMaterialNumber of Pairs
Individual Pair24SolidBC - Bare Copper4
ElementMaterialNom. Insulation DiameterColor Code
Individual PairPE - Polyethylene0.9 mm (0.035 in)White/Blue & Blue, White/Green & Green, White/Orange & Orange, White/Brown & Brown
Outer Jacket
MaterialNom. Diameter
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride4.5 mm (0.18 in)

Electrical Characteristics

Max. Conductor DCRMax. Mutual CapacitanceMax. Capacitance UnbalanceNom. Characteristic Impedance
95 Ohm/km (29 Ohm/1000ft)56 pF/m (17 pF/ft)160 pF/100m100 Ohm
Max. Delay SkewNom. Velocity of Prop.
40 ns/100m70%
High Frequency
Frequency [MHz]Max. Insertion Loss (Attenuation)Min. NEXT [dB]Min. PSNEXT [dB]Min. ACR [dB]Min. PSACR [dB]Min. ACRF (ELFEXT) [dB]Min. PSACRF (PSELFEXT) [dB]Min. RL (Return Loss) [dB]Min. TCL [dB]Min. ELTCTL [dB]
12.1 dB/100m65.362.363.260.26461204035
44 dB/100m56.353.352.3249.35249233423
106.3 dB/100m50.347.344414441253015
168 dB/100m47.
209 dB/100m45.842.836.833.8383525279
31.2511.4 dB/100m42.939.931.528.534.131.523.625.15.5
62.516.5 dB/100m38.435.421.918.928.125.121.522
10021.3 dB/100m35.332.31411242120.120
Table Notes: Limits below 4 MHz are for information only. Reference standard: IEC 61156-5
Voltage Rating
72 V DC

Mechanical Characteristics

-30°C To +60°C0°C To +50°C
Bend Radius
Installation Min.
40 mm (1.6 in)
Max. Pull Tension: 65 N (15 lbf)
Bulk Cable Weight: 28 kg/km (19 lbs/1000ft)

Standards and Compliance

Environmental Suitability: Indoor - Euroclass Eca
Flammability / Reaction to Fire: IEC 60332-1-2
CPR Compliance: CPR Euroclass: Eca; CPR UKCA Class: Eca
IEEE Compliance: PoE: IEEE 802.3bt Type 1, Type 2, Type 3
Data Category: Category 5e
ISO/IEC Compliance: ISO/IEC 11801-1
CENELEC Compliance: EN 50173-1, Segregation class according EN50174-2 = a
UK Regulation Compliance: UKCA Mark

Product Notes

Notes: Electrical values are expected performance based on cable testing and representative performance within a typical Belden system.


Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.284 Revision Date: 04-12-2022

Part Numbers

Item #ColorPutup TypeLengthEAN
1583E.03305BlackReel305 m8719605002143
1583E.03U305BlackUnReel305 m8719605002150
1583E.01B100BlueFlat Box100 m8719605002129
1583E.01305BlueReel305 m8719605002105
1583E.01U305BlueUnReel305 m8719605002136
1583E.01500BlueReel500 m8719605002112
1583E.011000BlueReel1,000 m8719605002099
1583E.00B100Gray, RAL 7032Flat Box100 m8719605002075
1583E.00305Gray, RAL 7032Reel305 m8719605002044
1583E.00U305Gray, RAL 7032UnReel305 m8719605002082
1583E.00500Gray, RAL 7032Reel500 m8719605002068
1583E.001000Gray, RAL 7032Reel1,000 m8719605002037
1583E.003500Gray, RAL 7032Reel3,500 m8719605176783
1583E.003570Gray, RAL 7032Reel3,570 m8719605002051
1583E.09305GreenReel305 m8719605002204
1583E.09U305GreenUnReel305 m8719605002228
1583E.09500GreenReel500 m8719605002211
1583E.11305RedReel305 m8719605002259
1583E.11U305RedUnReel305 m8719605002266
1583E.12B100WhiteFlat Box100 m8719605002273
1583E.04U305WhiteUnReel305 m8719605002174
1583E.12U305WhiteUnReel305 m8719605002280
1583E.04500WhiteReel500 m8719605002167
1583E.10305YellowReel305 m8719605002235
1583E.10U305YellowUnReel305 m8719605002242
Date: 2004-01-01
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