Product Hierarchy
Product Hierarchy

0936 DFC 353 - 7/8" Device Nut Receptacle: Female, straight, 5-pin, front mount, 600 V, 8 A, with THICK Specification Cable

7/8" Device Nut Receptacle: Female, straight, 5-pin, front mount, 1/2" 14-NPT panel tap, 600 V, 8 A, with THICK Specification

Technical Data

Product Family: Data Connector
Product Sub Family: 7/8"
Brand: Lumberg Automation
Connector Type: Receptacle
Type of Contact / Gender: Female
Connector Design: Front Mount, 1/2-14 NPT panel tap size
Number of Pins: 5
Coding: A
Shielding: Shielded
Attachment Type: Fixed, Internal Thread
Rated Voltage: 600 V
Rated Voltage (UL): 600 V
Rated Current*: 8 A
Rated Current (UL)*: 8 A
Data Transmission: CANopen / DeviceNet
Ambient Temperature (Operation)*: -25 °C to +90 °C
Protection Degree / IP Rating**: IP65, IP67


Contact Base Material: CuZn
Contact Plating: Au over Ag
Contact Bearer Material: TPU
Contact Bearer Color: YE
Housing Material: Al, clear anodized
O-Ring Material: FKM, panel side

Cable Data

Number of Wires: 5
Wire Insulation Material: Data Pair PE | Power Pair PVC
Insulated Wire Diameter: Data Pair Ø 1.3 mm | Power Pair Ø 0.53 mm
UL Cable Type: AWM 20201, AWM I/II A

Safety & Environmental Compliance

RoHS Compliant: Yes


Note Derating: Notice Derating
Protection Degree / IP Rating Note: Protection Degree and IP Rating per test standard IEC 60529 using a Lumberg Automation mating product
Note: Do not connect / disconnect under load
Item #Item DescriptionCable Length
900001573RKF 50DN-613/0.3 M0.3 m
9000015750936 DFC 353/0.5M0.5 m
9000020890936 DFC 353/1M1 m
9000015760936 DFC 353/2M2 m
9000015710936 DFC 353/3M3 m
9000015720936 DFC 353/4M4 m
9000015740936 DFC 353/6M6 m
9000010420936 DFC 353/10F10 ft
RKF 50 DN with Cable Wire.png
No accessories are available for this product